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Class Comic's Inferno Is Hella Fun!

Class Comics newest release might not be for everyone.  A 14 page pulsating piece of fan fiction that delves a little deeper into the demonic sexual deviation of devil worship, then pretty much any other comic the company has produced.  Nico Brunet decided to go into so all in, so it might not be for the faint of heart.  We're very thankfully not talking about a comic that is a sick and twisted as the Demonic Sex series, but for those that have qualms about anything involving Satan, you may be weary of some of the contents.  I grew up very religious.  So much so that fear of the Devil developed into a life long OCD that feed on that fear.  I've grown past that now and by reading this book, I came to see just how much.  (Though it still twinged a little during certain lines. Isn't it WONDERFUL how religion leaves a seed that can totally fuck with your rational mind?)  All I can say is, just keep remember that this is just a comic and that Bob is Patrick Fillions perverse personification of the ruler of Hell.  (Is he in fact the one and only devil?  Sometimes I wonder.) 
ANYWAY...Personal issues one might have aside, the book itself is really fantastic stuff.  The story focuses around Rusty, who was Deimos informant and his decent into hell.  No redemption for Rusty, the hooker took a job for the devil and failed.  Bob doesn't seem to care that Rusty failed though.  (He's been met with enough of that with Deimos at this point anyway.)  No, this story focuses on Rusty's relationship with Bob that leads to a very intriguing and very dark place.  Rusty isn't so much a spirit, as a physical being when he enters Bob's domain.  He even has the scars where he was stitched up, after having certain body parts bit off.  (Reminds me of Beatlejuice a bit, save for the fact that, in that reality ghosts didn't get reassembled.)

I have to say, that I am a little skeptical as the why Rusty was chosen for this all important procedure.  Then I thought, well his history is practically unknown and if Nico were to continue this story line, I would love to see it explored.  I have a funny feeling that Bob's plan may have some fetal flaws, even if he thinks he has drained out all of Rusty by the end, that lingering thread of his spirit that still dwells within, may have something to say when they finally go up against Diemos.  Or maybe I was missing the whole point of the story, which might be trying to say that if you are a hooker, all you are is flesh and desire.  That's fun to exploit, but with nothing decent within you anyway, you might as well not have a mind and spirit of your own?  Even with scum like Rusty, I'm a little more optimistic then that. (Hey the man tried to kill Deimos and gave him crabs on the first page we met him on, I can assume he's scum!!!)  Too be very honest, I was a little sad that Rusty died off so quickly. I wanted to know more about him and his history. In this book we get a little more time with him at least.  Nico draws both Rusty and Bob as beautifully in ink and script, as the 14 pages are cholk full of narrative.  (Sometimes I wanted to skip ahead as I realized my um..enjoyment, might be ending a little too son cause of it! :P)  The whole comic comes off as one great love letter by someone who is totally enamored with the series.  I think fans will really appreciate it for this fact.  I know I did. After you are done with the 14 page story, there is WHOPPING 34 pages of behind the scenes stuff.  Full character pin ups, comic sketch pages, character sketches, etc.  That's a lot of sweet content.

There is one part that I gotta mention, that shows exactly what I mean regarding the narrative helping the panels be strong.  The part with the disgusting creature known as Vamp-Pig.  It's a mega nasty little demonic cherub, that does something with it's brain at one point that might make you want to hurl, but when you read the accompanying text, it turned into a surprising sensual experience. (Although a bit stomach turning still for some nonetheless.)
   ******************Spoiler Ends*********************

 There's something very off putting about those creepy cherub demons with those underdeveloped looking alien heads and womb eyes.  Looks like they were born not even half developed yet save for their cocks...ick.  Thankfully the main characters are super sexy.

Fucking on the fields of hell itself!

The comic is currently only avaiable in Digital form.  A fully physical, version, or even one just composed of comics and pin ups would be nice, but I have no idea if that is coming, or not.  Heck, this comic came right out of gate, having only been announced around the 20th of Feb 2015.   You can get the comic here and you want have to sell yourself to hell to get it, as it's only $4.75!:

Class Comic's Inferno Digital Edition

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