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Space Cadet 3 The Final Chapter SACRIFICE Review

Those that give their all for the greater good, are bound to gain in the end...or the front..or up their end....
And so begins my little review for Space Cadet #3, the final chapter of the Space Cadet Saga..... 

WARNING! This review will contain spoilers as it's hard NOT to talk about them.  I will mark them off though the main review by putting them in little print so that naughty curious eyes won't have an easy time spoiling things for things. :P  The final section after the main review below will be all spoilers and will not be shrunk down.

Last year the events of the new Space Cadet book were met with both loud praise a some degree of worry that the lovable cast from Ordovica might be left to a secondary fate.  Well, rest assured that the hero centaurs and fauns have found a very important place in book 3!  I would like to think we fans that raised out our cries on this blog and other places to keep the centaurs safe, helped ensure that these boys would find a permanent home within Cadets life and world.  These thoughts began to solidify by page two, where we are met with David Canteros masterpiece depicting victory over the vile Baron Von Phallus! What follows on the next page is something that was not, but a wet dream for 5 years for me.  Awesome, outstanding stuff. It could have filled the whole comic and I would have been very happy! :P hee hee,  But the show must go on and on it does so into a dark and often hilarious tale of drugs, cannibalism and action. (Hilarious and cannibalism..huh, never thought I would put those two in the same sentence.)

The story actually starts with Byrons father Emil, who's been working on something to heal up his currently handicapped wife Louisa.  The good doctor calls his wife and mom in to take a look.  During his explanation of the device, he can't help but pop a big old daddy bonner.  While holding his wife close, it springs lose right with grandma in the room.  Dang! You get a full reminder that the Durand family ain't the Huxtables. Can you imagine Cliff doing this while those grandparents were around?  One of those old stuff shirts would have had a heart attack on the set.  In this case though, the only ones in danger having a life threatening condition are Space Cadet and Golden Boy. As last we left them, they are still in the hands of the Animale employees of Mr. Chapelle! Chapelle himself is no where to be found, because that's what main bad guys do when they have their nemesis's captured. It's like guild rules, or something. ;D

 Doctor Frankenollie over here has got Cadet in a bad situation...(his name is actually Dr. Waldorf, I just couldn't resist calling him that.)  

 Golden Boy is in an even worse situation, about to be taken advantage and tortured by a rapist pigman.  Not a fun way for a hero to start an adventure. (Depending on who's asking of course.)

Patrick, Fraser and David handle this dark situation with with style.  During the heroes brief imprisonment, the writers take time and care to embed into the struggle, plot elements, sex, action and humor.  That helps ease the severity of what is actually going a bit in this demonic drug house on the reader.  There's a movie reference that comes up that made me laugh and cringe just a little.  The movie mentioned really bothered the fuck out of 15 year old me. :P LOL. Nice reminder, cause it illustrated how messed up these doctors are, despite their beautiful bodies.  (Their faces also tell what they really are as if their actions didn't already!)

It's during these pages that we meet the hero Bullet for the first time.  Bullet is like a cross between Viewtiful Joe and Tony Cox.  A sexy little daddy dwarf, who's diminutive in all sizes save for one. (As you might guess.)  David endows him with just as much sexiness and love has he does the larger sized boys, making him an instantly enjoyable addition to the cast.
Spoiler sorta:  He sports one of the most gloriously detailed circumcised cocks in class comics history. A big round of applause to David for that!

After meeting with Bullet, the heroes realize what must be done.  They set on a path to put down this organization and rescue the men who's lives are in grievous peril.  Their plans are put to an abrupt halt by anime hair Tyler and Cascabel, a snake man who can strike much faster then our heroes ever dreamed of moving.  Is this the end?  Coiled in Cascabels slithery grasp, will Cadet perish and be transported Pan's Labyrinth style to the land of mythological men?   You will have to read on to find out!

Cascabel has every reason to be angry all the time. Fuck, if I had poisonous snakes for my dick and nipples I would never crack a smile.  I can bet you those snakes are none too happy about it neither.

I was sent a copy of this book the night before I was set to go for various tests at the hospital.  My worry was totally overridden thanks to the adventure and excitement found in this comic! I owe a great deal of dept to the Class for helping ease my mind and making me feel a little like a bubbling teenager all over again. (Eagerly awaiting the twilight hours to enjoy the book in privacy.)  I got a little doki doki, as the Japanese say.  In fact it was all I could do to contain my brewing accolades and not stay up all night writing a review.  I was up half the night re-enjoying it anyway it seemed. ;P  
As with all the books featuring Cadet, I can't recommend this one enough.  It's such a fun and wonderful ride.  It's so good to not only see that Strider and and Vallan still have a place in Byrons life, but we are assured that, they always will. (Despite the haters, who ever they are!!!)  The series ends in a super special way, that I will talk more about that below in my spoilers section.  For now honestly, if you haven't picked it up already, go for it.  Davids art is wonderful. His men are gorgeous, his action perfectly laid out and his cartoony humor perfectly placed.  It's just a continuation of what the man does so very well really. And he continues to strive to make cut and uncut cocks look even hotter with each issue! Ha ha ha!

Space Cadet #3:  
More fun than getting fucked by a centaur!

You can get your copy here:

******SPOILER SECTION!!!*********

This is basically where I will give a few critiques, cause every review should have some. As well, I will talk about the events of the books ending. So if you haven't read it yet, this is your last chance to turn back now! Don't worry, despite my desire to, I won't be posting any spoiler images.

*I gotta say, that while we know the Durand family certainly doesn't mind nudity, for cripes sake, could they not have given poor Byron a little dignity in the healing machine?  Throw a towel around him, or place a blocker over his privates.  There are old ladies and children present!! XD

*This is a light criticism, but I felt like instead of showing off all of Bullet the second he appeared, it would have been nice to have a little suspense and lead up to what he has between his legs.  It didn't hurt the character, or anything.  I just think a slower reveal later on, like we got with Golden Boy would have been really hot.  But that's not bullets style I guess. He wants it all out and ready for action right away. :P

*Davids skill in differentiating between cut and uncut dicks has come leaps and bounds over a very short time period. There are still instances where the details could be a bit clearer, but the strives he's made far override these few illustrations where it might not be fully clear.  Keep up the awesome work! 

* Space Cadet two boasted the slogan of going in a bold new direction. This was mostly aimed at the switch from fantasy to crime fighting as the series focus.  (Though so many Class books mix both so well, it's never felt to me like there had to be a focus on either, or.)  Anyway..this issue ends with ANOTHER bold choice. One that came right out of left field. Did NOT see coming, was both shocked, instantly hard and ejaculating over upon discovering.  Ejaculating more then once I might add!  That is, that Byron, while being healed, regains his foreskin. (Among other far less important body parts, like bones and appendix.)
In an incredible scene that follows Byron has his uncut cock bit, chewed, pulled and sucked on.  There's a lot of foreskin play and the few pages that followed could have been added to and added to for many more pages without a doubt.  I am sure the boys at Class had a hard time stopping ending this incredible moment in Space Cadet history.  Not only do we get to witness the enjoyment had by the first fully restored foreskin on an otherwise circumcised characters, we get the very FIRST docking scene ever done in Class Comics. It's one of the hottest moments for me in the publications history. Totally cum blowing fun.  It left me speechless. I hope and pray it won't be the last.
Now I don't want to sound too egotistical, or anything, but I gotta wonder if maybe, just maybe the Family Shower set of images the Rubensome and I did last year had anything to do with Byrons fully restored member?  I  also would like to think that maybe the docking as well, was inspired by the many images we have done here featuring Class and other characters in the act.  Yeah, I couldn't help but feel like it was a bit of giving back to the fans, because a lot of this book seems to focus on giving back to the fans that were not so negative to the series start.  Heck the last line from Cadet to Strider is, 'No matter what anyone says I'm glad you're in my life!" DAMN STRAIGHT!

*I would have loved to hear a little more narrative from Space Cadet on his thoughts and feelings of how different his cock felt now, but there is always time for that in future issues. (or a special edition in the future!)

*Speaking of negativity, one has to wonder if there will be backlash for Cadet becoming uncut?  I mean, Camili-Cats change was met with so much slack, that he only remained cut for one issue of his series. The adventure and quest of which to restore I thought deserved a longer period of time to flesh fully out.  (puns.) As much as many of us absolutely love foreskin, we all know guys out there that hate foreskin. I know artists that refused to draw it, guys that have had theirs removed and people that avoid it at all costs.  How many people I wonder, if any, will feel disconnect from Cadet now that his member doesn't match theirs, or their preconception that cut is the bests? 

The exact opposite of my reaction to Space Cadets new dick, but I would imagine sadly, there will be fans that will have this reaction. :(

*The way I see it, in regards to Cadet getting his foreskin back, it was like an incredible gift from the heavens.  An unexpected thank you for all his heroics and sacrifices. Saving an entire world and the lives of many innocent young men, should be rewarded in some way, wouldn't you agree?  While his father saved his life, the unexpected bonus, could be looked it in this light.

**Byron and Golden Boy enjoy some sex with his upgraded cock.  Honestly though Golden Boy needs to start living up to his name. Come on Class Comics!!! You know we want to see it happen!!! LOL!**Golden shower***

 What ever happens next in Space Cadets life, I just hope that sweet men of Class Comics will keep true to their personal vision of his future and not let negativity play the key role in shaping this my most beloved characters career. Yeah I said it. ;D

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  1. WOW -- this is an awesome review, Dinosaurprince -- THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing this! And thanks for all the very kind words! :D

    I'm thrilled you enjoyed the issue so much!! I'll email you personally of course, but for now I just really wanted to tell you that reading this has put a major smile on my face and TOTALLY made me laugh out loud! LOL!

    Enjoy your day, and thanks again soooooo much!!
    BIG BIG Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOXO



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