Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jokes on Vann Illia One Pager

Good morning, I'm gonna end this week with the very first comic drawn for the blog by Princeofhearts. In it you will be introduced to two new characters as Vann tries out his rescue skills once again!  The Jester Will Northern cries out for help and Vann leaps to the rescue! I hope you enjoy it!

All's well that ends well! No hard feelings, just a lot of hard dicks! :P

Princeofhearts was a huge delight to work with.  He took doing the project very much to 'heart.'  His desire to insure that he got the characters just right from the start told me this was gonna be a great experience.  His willingness to see the project was not only done quickly, but as beautifully as he could possibly muster insured him in list of artist that I must very strongly recommend and keep in mind for any future projects he may be willing to help take on.  The only thing that slowed this project down was me, having to deal with so many personal and work related issues last month.

Bonus Feature!  

Working with Princeofhearts was a wonderful time. He worked very quickly and gave a lot of feedback in both written and sketch form regarding even such a short project such as this.  Below you will see my initial sketches.  The first panel I submitted to him in text only. That is why there is a '2' beside the first doodle of Vann Illia.

Here are the many concept sketches Princeofhearts did of Jebbadon.  Various stances and costume pieces were discussed.  The cock brace was a favorite of mine, but we didn't include it in this particular scene.  I wanted to do something different from Kraw Last, but making the 'antagonist' a little more animal like. I love the scales, but thought they might make drawing him a bit of a chore.
Here is Princeofhearts first ever sketch of Vann Illia.  He did a magnificent job, bestowing him with an epic chest and sweet brick like abs.  As you can see he even went over various designs for the clubs!

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  1. Sexy and funny...Vann should observe first before intervention - FallenAngel :D



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