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Ridehard #3 Is Ready For Action

  It's hard to believe it's been 2 and a half years since we were first introduced to the charming young Agent Alex Ridehard.  The series, now in it's third issue, was created by the artist Alexander and is published by Class Comics.  Ridehard started as and remains to be a very fun and erotic spy series.  Like good old Bond, it's full of sexual puns, clever inventions, hot bodies and daring do. Unlike Bond, it's actually free to fully explore all the spy sex it can throw at us.  The series keeps it's sense of adventure and fun at the forefront, never getting too dark or grim, despite the dire consequences at hand.  Doing this, as well as constantly having Ridehard and the cast do what they does best outside of taking part of the super agent  game takes some dedicated writing.  (Talking bout sex here!)  Maybe I am just coming off one too many dark spy films, where happy endings don't exist, but I really have to give props to Alexander for keeping the series so upbeat in that respect.

Ridehard gets thrown to the dogs in Ridehard #2.
  I never did a review for Ridehard #2.  I regret that, cause I did thoroughly enjoy it. 2013 was a crappy year for me, but the book was certainly a highlight of that time.  Coming a little over a year after the first book, I was ecstatic that Alexander was doing another tale set in this world.  The story of part 2 was excellent.  Alexanders art took on a slightly different look at this point. He was trying new things and this made for a very interesting read.  There were changes in the characters looks.  For example, Ridehard, having been out of the army for so long, has let his smooth bowl like hair cut get a bit spikier.  Alexander reduced the size of Ridehards eyes a bit, making them less expresive. (Something I am still getting used to, as I really loved those big doe eyes on him.  Though he does look very mature with the smaller eyes.  Such a toss up!)

Eye comparison of Alex Ridehard from Book one and Two. Which do you prefer?

  In my review of the first edition, I noted that once a guy was hard, the foreskin was always pulled fully back. In book two Alexander explored some fantastic foreskin positioning on erect dicks and even included a circumcised cock in one scene. (Hey it's set Europe. Ya gotta call the rarities when you see them!)  This made the erotic side of the art even more exciting to explore and enjoy.

  The story was very exciting, with some very interesting twists, turns and clever use of spy gadgets.  In this book, Alex took on a mastermind from Germany.  Among the new German characters Alex made some very dangerous enemies, along with some very close friends! Ridehards lover Styles, only made a brief cameo in book two.  That was a little disappointing, I guess.  I keep in mind that with a lot of these types of stories, the lover from the past adventure is often forgotten, or worse by the start of the next one.  So keeping the continuity solid by reminding us that Alex has a dedicated lover, was more of strong point in my mind.  It said something of Ridehards character, that the love he felt in book one, had not been jaded, or fleeting. For those that missed Styles, I am very happy to report that he's been called back into action in book three. (If you know what I mean.) 

  One of the things that sets Ridehard as a series apart from some other offerings out there, is that each book is it's own story.  There is continuity, with little teasers for the next chapter at the end of each book, but you  are handed a beginning, middle and end, brimming with sex and story, all in just below 30 pages.  It's nice to see that Alexander decided to follow this format while building his fan base, instead instantly giving readers a cliffhanger that, due to the nature of the business, might never be resolved. Ridehard has been a very big success and now Alexander has decided to finally bring the side story of twinky Vincent Valentines seduction of Director Johnson to the forefront.  If you think the sly, pink haired 18 year old intern had daddy issues before, wait till you see what happens when his Russian ties are totally explored.  I don't want to spoil anything, but this is by far the raunchiest bit of Class Comics incest to date.  (At least for a few pages anyway..)  You will have to read the book to find out what I mean!  

Not cold enough that pants and shirts can't come off, but not warm enough to remove the boots, gloves and toques. Something we Canadians have in common with Russians I guess. :P
All this hot sex in your hands while reading a physical copy used to be a bit of a concern.  Dicks drip precum, fingers get sticky and you never know what's gonna happen if when you finally shoot your load.  Ridehard is the first book to be printed in a very special way to avoid these issues:

Yes Alex Ridehard is a tough boy.  He's gonna be able to take all your cum, time and again! Okay I exaggerate.  The comics are actually just getting a special lamination process done on the covers.  (Front and back I am guessing.)  However this will certainly help keep the fluids that get stuck to your fingers contained on the covers and at least provide a shield if you are fast enough to close the comic before shooting. ;P  As nasty as it sounds, I kind of want to put it to the test and get back to you guys.  Do a little damage control review!

I won't say much else, except that Ridehard #3 continues to hold the standard of adventure, comedy, gadgetry and copious amounts of sex, set by it's predecessors.  By it's end, the first arch of Ridehards adventures have come to an end.  The events of this book however have set up an even more exciting future for our hero.  I can't wait for part 4!


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  1. Thank you so very much for this amazingly wonderful review of Ridehard #2 and Ridehard #3!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your view on the series aswell as the individual books, and your observations of the stories and the evolution of the artwork.

    I'm so happy that Ridehard #2 could provide some light into a crappy time for you. Thank you again!




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