Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cyclops Gets The Patrick Fillion Treatment

Okay, it's not exactly the newest of news, but a little while ago Patrick teased his fans and friends on Facebook with sketches of his rendition of Cyclops. He did post it on his tumblr several weeks ago, but it wasn't until today that he posted it and it's veneration on his site. This one really turned me on like crazy.  I have had a secret thing for Cyclops since my college days.  I was always found him cute, but it wasn't until I started playing Street Fighter Vs X-Men that he really started to totally turn me on.  I think 19 year old me, seeing him on the arcade screen, shaking hands with Ryu at my college was the point where my head was really turned.  Capcom was always so good at brining out the extra sexiness in characters.  (Of course James Marsdens portrayal and the design of him in X-Men Evolution certainly helped keep that flame alive for a long time.)   You know, I have thought about commissioning a Cyclops piece many times over the years, but just never got around to doing it.  After seeing Patricks work, I'm feeling very inspired.  Might just have to open up a can of what ifs with our old naught Marvel Vs Capcom series again!`

 I was really glad to see that Patrick went with the classic bright blue and yellow outfit.  I would say it's the one the vast majority of us fell in love with.  There's something to be said about how pleasing to the eye that blue is in comparison to the emo costume of the movies.  As you can see, the image below is just the mega bulge version.  (The way I think most of us envision him in our minds. In my case especially due to the extra long crotch in the Capcom sprite.) 

 So when Patrick let Scott let it all hang out, how did he chose to draw his cock?  Is he medium sized? Hung like a tree trunk?  Super thick, thin, or somewhere in between?  Shaved, or hairy?  Maybe most importantly is he cut, or uncut?  Well to find out, you will have to take a trip to THE ART OF PATRICK FILLION site to find out! 

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  1. That's an incredible depiction of Cyclops he did -- my favorite X-Man. Also my favorite version of him. I grew up watching the 90's animated X-Men, so that's definitely my Scott.

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing it here. :D



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