Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Cut Out Display Special 2015

I miss doing these kinds of posts. This year, I found something really nice. These are pages from an ancient Fantasia display book.  The classic (and racist) characters from Fantasia will look very nice with your Easter egg display tomorrow.  Just print, cut out and maybe glue to cardboard in the process to strengthen.  Actually, it's a little more then that.  You will have to be creative with your creations.  Some of these are meant to work with a giant backdrop that came with the book.  I only found really small images of that, so some will need additional love to make work.  Sorry!

Not sure why Disney only does Princess and the latest movie stuff.  They could easily do a classic Disney Easter parade set with images like this.  I saw classic Valentines on sale this year.  Saw them go very fast in fact.  The store couldn't keep them in stock.

OH yeah, big news,
I have Tumblr Now.

Anyway, as soon as this is posted, warning, we have incoming porn!  Devilman, Guytoonist and Yelmo all have some steaming hot stuff for you guys to enjoy!

This image is much bigger.

 A larger Zeus.  What better way to celebrate Jesus birthday? :P

 There's a special place in hell for the person that made that centaur.

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