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Space Cadet Gets Worshiped From Beyond The Stars In Void

Please Note:  
If you haven't already read Space Cadet 3, anything involving this title will be a bit of a spoiler. So I suggest you read that book, before continuing on here!

Something has been watching our beloved Byron from Beyond the stars.  In what is his first story of him encountering alien life, Byron is about to make a big difference in the existence of a very ominous entity.  The entity, VOID a black ball, craves Bryon just as much as we the reader do.  Void could very well be said to be an extension of the desires of artist Patrick Fillion himself, who after a long hiatus (barring a few Stripshows) has not himself, drawn Cadet in a full story in a great length of time. With the well kept secret of his new cock revealed to the world finally after Space Cadet #3, Patrick couldn't wait to put Byron and his member through the paces.  You can feel his buoyant pubescent joy come floating to the surface in each pen stroke, as Patrick gives him a real workout at the hands and tentacles of a merciless morphing space man. 

Space 'Man' would probably be the wrong term. Void is said to come from a species with 18 genders, none of which are male.  The being has been attracted from across the cosmos by Byrons energy.  He has lured him into what appears to be a trap, only later to be revealed to be quite the opposite. What might appear on the surface as tale of TENTACLE rape, turns out to be something very, very different.  Byron forms an emotional bond with the creature.  From the moment he lays a hand on it, Byron is touched to the point of tears.  There is a great sorrow here and a greater story behind all this then just sex.  To pass through sad state of it's existence, Void has very special plans that it feels only Byron can fulfill.  A wise and ominous being, the creature knows Cadets greatest desires.  These include a lingering desire from many, many issues ago.  The heart does not forget. Nor does Patrick, forget the fun he had bringing these characters together in the past and now again.

 This giant tar baby from space will fill, poke and prod poor powerless Byron all over, including right through the nipple piecing holes! 

I was totally tantalized by the events of this book.  You can easily tell that Patrick, Fraser and colorist Hernan were having the greatest time, exposing Cadets new dick and worshiping it through Voids many sexual tortures and pleasures.  You are in for a lot of hot cock shots, is what I am getting at. :P  The story has Byron reflecting on his age at one point.  Something we don't often think of is how every young he really is. (Probably because we have known him for so long!)  The sweet innocence and defenselessness of youth, can come boiling out so easily, when you are so young.  It's nice that it's touched upon, for many of us have been there too.  Having sex, or doing something sexual you are not prepared for, with a partner you don't really know.  The allure of moments of pure passion, can easily turn to fear and regret, when placed in a powerless position.  Despite his godly body, Cadet is just that.  A new recruit to the world at large.  It wasn't long ago that he was just a weak, twinky teenage boy.
I don't want to give away too much of the story, especially the ending.  So instead, I invite you to join Byron on his latest adventure, in what continues to be an exciting and very emotion ride in the YEAR OF SPACE CADET. 

 I wonder if the constant costume destruction is why he has to constantly change his look?  With so many blue undies torn, each adventure, he really should buy in bulk. His mamma told him to stay away from strange black balls, but she also should have taught him to stay away from easy rip clothing. :P

The Short story also comes complete with a look at the character through the years. (I wish it had is first appearance from Black Inches.) Along with art from Patrick, images drawn by Gene, David, Jacob, Leon and others are included.  I even made a donation to the book in the form of the Space Cadet image that Gene and I did for Patricks birthday a couple years back!  Might have to repeat that this year. ;D

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