Thursday, April 2, 2015

Red Artisan Lends His Sexy To Some Barbarian Boukakai

Good evening guys.  Gonna start the Easter long weekend with some LONG COCKS. I gotta a ton of treats to share with you all in the coming days.  It's gonna be a blast.  First though, I think it's best to start this party with a new artists to DPK: the incredible Red Artisan.  I got the honor and pleasure of being this up and comers very first commission customer.  He is known for his amazingly sexy warriors, so I thought the obvious choice was to pick Mr. Vann Illia the half elf barbarian and self proclaimed super star of our little site, to be his first subject.  The man was an absolute DELIGHT to work with.  Amazing communication, wildly imaginative and as you can see below, supremely skilled.  He even gave me some sample sketches of Vann!   Vann on the other handwas very demanding, wanting lots and lots of cocks.  He had to settle for two.  Can't spoil him.

So, I hope you guys will enjoy as Vann very much delights in being drawn by Red Artisan.  Especially when the giant dicks of a centaur and a dragon man are pouring oodles of hot cum all over his bara form!  Gotta love those perky nipples!! ^O^

Gotta love those perky nipples!!  Vann is in heaven here!

If you would like to check out more of his works, please follow the links to his blog and Y Gallery pages!

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