Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kadaj's Cut Zahn, Survey Results And Doing The Class Comics Cover Challenge

Hey guys!  How was your weekend so far?  I've been pretty busy.  Lastmanouthere has written a wonderful novel based on all our characters and I have been digging into it as much as I could today. My week was pretty life changing.  (For the better for ONCE!)  Due to that, I haven't had a lot of time for posting...well that and tumblr.  Seems to suck all my life away, that site does. XD I have almost 800 posts already.

About the image above...I found this at the end of March and I asked the artist Kadaj if he wouldn't mind me posting it. I am in love with his take on Zahn Son Of Winter.  I find it very hot to see him as a brunette, especially with the extra long, thick hair Kadaj has provided him.  Just as tantalizing is that fact that he circumcised Zahn.  Super hot... I hope he will draw more of Zahn and other characters from his stories in the future.  You should check out his blog. He's got great art works, including Super Mario fighting with a piranha plant and Thor! (All nude of course!)

Now I wanted to take some time and talk about the challenge of testing Class Comics lamented 'cum resistant' covers! :P I got my latest order near the end of the week. It came with a lovely note, some stickers and lots of fun standee characters! I can't bring myself to cut out Byron now that he has changed. LOL.

I managed to pick up the signed comic collection.  David and Patrick have signed three comics and have them up for $23.99 for each pack.  I think they are pretty limited.  Only about 20 packs were aviailable when I purchased my set. I refuse to open them! The sets feature Space Cadet #2, Ghostboy and Diablo #2 and #3.

You can find them here:

Now on to the main feature....yes that is

So ahem..yes I love me some Class Comics.  BLUSHES...

It didn't take long to reach this point, as reading a comic in print can be a whole new experience.  The sex scenes are wonderfully laid out and so much more fun to view as a two page spread then 1 page at a time in PDF form.  I kinda missed the mark a bit.  I didn't get it all on the cover...but good enough. :P  So how did it stand up against my jizz? Well it wipes off very quickly, but man mayo spreads like crazy. It took some soap and water to get it really clean and even then I was picking cakes off for a bit. I was worried it would get all over the top, bottom and sides. The best advice is to wipe towards the the back of the cover.  Actually the best advise is to aim away, but if you really must the shield is certainly very protective.  If you haven't cum in a while, or you natural cum buckets, I wouldn't recommend shooting on the book, cause you are very likely to hit the tops and sides and they are not protected.

 After a couple wipes, there was still some left over spluge....

Gonna end this with a glimpse at the results for our two Space Cadet surveys.  I only have 28 hits so far for the first poll. (I thank you all very much for responding.)  In a couple months I will post the results again. I am sure to have a lot more Space Cadet on the way!  So far 22 people love his new cock! :D

Last year I, along with FallanAngel and Gene Lightfoot set up a cry to keep Strider and Vallan alive.
I gathered the responses up. 82 wonderful readers took the time to fill out the survey and I thank you all very much for doing so!
Here are the responses. I guess I will leave the survey up.  It wouldn't hurt to look back at it again in an other few months! :)  And yeah, I know it is going to look a bit shitty, but that is bloggers fault. It's either this, or a size so small, you couldn't see it with a magnifying glass. The framing function on blogger is laughable.

I always thought satyrs would win over centaurs in popular opinion, but not on this survey.  Live and learn! 

 Interesting that despite what ever complaining their was to Class, the vast majority here like Cadet in all settings, or if not in a fantasy setting, far above just a crime fighting comic.

I'm not at all surprised to see that the majority of voters would like to see Strider and Vallan in their own comic series!

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