Thursday, April 23, 2015

Year Of The Ram?

Back in January, I thought about doing a Year Of The Ram Series featuring Holocene Toros.  Our musk ox from the ice age, is set to have a lot of fun this year.  The first finished image I proudly present to you today.  Holocene is ready to get some respect and praise from his colleges here in DPK.  This time though, instead of getting worshiped, he's the one on his knees.  Who wouldn't be, when confronted by the majesty of Baralusts Dimata? Truth is he's been forced into that pose.  Holocenes hard cock is being bent by the strength of the great mammoth. He's reduced to a position of just rolling with the pleasure and pain!  Unbelievably, Dimata had Holocenes cock pinned down with just one mighty finger at first.  Now he has placed his thumb squarely on top of Holocenes head, placed the tips of his fingers below the head and is squeezing the poor beast mans boy juice out!!!   Holocene is enjoying this pleasure in this new sexual torture.  While Dimata fiddles with his cock, he is engrossed in that big dick as much as possible!! He takes a moment to gasp as he orgasms, then continues to lick and suck as much of that mammoth cock as he can.

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