Friday, May 13, 2016

Ogopogo Will Drag You Down

Edwards is about to learn a valuable lesson.  When patrolling outside your normal parameters, it's always safer to do so with a friend.  Though, when one meets up with the son of Ogopogo, one might need a whole posse to get away, unscathed.  Thankfully Naytala knows a good heart when he feels one (pulsating through a huge uncut cock like Edwards.)  He won't punish Edwards too badly. I'm sure he will be able to sit again, after a week, or two.  In this future time, it seems people have forgotten the tales of Ogopogo. Edwards will ensure that legends has new life breathed into it, after today.  

A super huge thanks to FallenAngel who spent so much time doing this piece, based on a concept I had.  I love to see him do things like water effects. He doesn't get very many requests for that.  He actually picked the two characters he wanted to draw for Lastmanouthere's birthday and I did my best to give him a good scenario and pose to work with!  There is LOTS more like this to come!  I hope you guys enjoy it!

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