Sunday, May 22, 2016

Demon Master Tzeuk By Guytoonist

Hey guys, I hope you are having a great long weekend.  Gonna make it a little more fun with the last few pieces of Lastmanouthere's birthday art.  Right now I have Tzeuk as only Guytoonist can do.  Good thing Guytoonist only uses his powers for good, cause there's something about the allure of the Demon master, that might have many of us joining the dark side, to be at his side!  He's brought a beefy upper body and slender torso to his rendition.  As well, the once sleek and eclean skull upon Tzeuks head, is now jagged, crooked and dribbling florescent blood form it's fangs.  The power of the magical blood flows through Tzeuk, giving his eyes the same haunting (and yet sexy) glow.  Perhaps this is how the skull appears when being used to conjure, while in the public eye, as it sits dormant, it is less menacing.   He's certainly helped add another dimension to this character.  Very proud of this one, as Guy and I haven't had a project to present together in some time!  Enjoy!

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