Sunday, May 15, 2016

Edwards Waits By The Water

Hey guys as you can see, I have something very special to share with you all. It's an animated piece by Gene Lightfoot!!  I couldn't keep people from doing Edwards pieces! hee hee.
In a continuation of the last posts story, Edwards has returned to patrol the water ruins.  Hoping to once again come across the sea serpent man, he sits on an old brick wall and dips his toes in the water.  For 20 mins, he lightly splashes, but the effect isn't getting him anywhere.  The whole time, he can't get his mind off of the wonderful ass destroying sex he had.  It isn't very long before he starts to get hard.  Just the thought of it for a few mins makes his cock throb, aching for attention.  Precum drips out of his foreskin hole in long tick gobs, lubing up his head.  The sweet smell of his member lightly perfumes the air around him.  Perhaps if he jerks off, the sound of squishing foreskin and the scent of sex, will reach the creature and entice it into showing itself.
Edwards begins to beat his meat.  He tries to take it slowly, but the more he thinks of Naytala, the closer he comes to losing control.  Precum lightly splashes into the calm water below.  If Naytala doesn't show up soon, it's going to be joined by wads of his cum.  A boy can only hold out for so long.  And this boys been longing for this all day.

Here is one of the still frames from the image! A little bonus treat!  A big thanks to Gene for doing such a precum inducing job!

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