Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beautiful Byron

Hey guys, Leon De Leon, Mr. Urbanmusiq himself surprised me with this on my birthday. ACTUALLY, the bugger from down under sent it to me in an unnamed zip, just to torture with me with unfathomable temptation for the 2 weeks leading up to my birthday.  Oh, but this prince is strong of will. Hey we dinosaurs have infinite patience.  One day the world will be ours again... Wait what? XD 
Getting back to the gift...  Leon decided to send me Space Cadet in sketch and coloured sketch form. And what form it is!  Humina humina!  

With the current Space Cadet situation there is a lot of symbolism here.  For those of you that don't know, there are going to be major changes made to the character in the coming months, most notably that he will no longer be Space Cadet.  This has some fans worried and upset.

This sketch is testament to his current state in our eyes.  The handsome star that once bore the name Space Cadet is now starting to fade.  Slowly we fear the memories of which will start to become sketchy.  But this change is new and the memory, the spirit and the hero himself remains strong and solid within his frame and our hearts.  Byron Space Cadet Durand in this sketch and as a characters is vestige of hope, heroism and hunkiness, that will never truly leave us, despite his outward appearance having an unforeseen future at the moment.  His impression is eternal and hopefully once the changes solidify, we will be left with what will be an even stronger character.  

 I love this image to no end.  I can't thank Leon enough. It reminded me of just how much I cared for  him and how willing I am to do my best to accept his future, come what may. 

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