Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nothing Better Than Aged Chocolate Filling

Guys I have some INCREDIBLE art to share with you all.  Sadly I don't have much time today to do it. Soooo I am going to have to do some quick snipe posts during the day to get them all up!!  I have great art from Lastmanouthere, Caravaggia, Leon De Leon (Urbanmusiq) and a couple whoppers from Kagami.
Kagami asked me, if I could have one character for my birthday, who would I pick?  Oh that took all of 5 seconds for me to respond too!  Emil, the super hot muscle daddy of Space Cadet of course!!! I wasn't expecting what I got though.  A full funny picture of him coming out of my birthday cake, much to the chagrin of his son Byron!  Mako is trying to reassure Byron that it's all good, but you know in the back of his mind, he wants that to happen so he can have a threesome with the father and son super hunks!!! hee hee.
There are two wonderful versions below.  The wrapped and unwrapped versions...How would you rather have him?  So do you guys think a threesome is something I should pursue with master Kagami?
Kagami was very sweet to do this and send a sweet message a long with it.  He's still healing, after a horrible accident.  Good art will heal you though. It certainly made me feel like a 21, instead of a 39 year old. :P

This isn't the only Class Comics related surprise I got!  Oh heck no.  Wait till you see the gift from Leon De Leon and these sweet greetings that Patrick and Fraser made for me! Oh my three favourite boys together...yum yum.  XD  I'm gonna get fat off all this beef cake!!!

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