Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vann Wants Some 'Cake.'

No really, it's just cake.  A very special cake made by FallenAngel for muh birthday.  Little Vann is floating on air with desire to munch on that treat.  Peng is of course in pure protect mode. (As always!)  I wonder if those wings on Vann are just a cartoonish representation of his emotions, or if Peng gave him momentary wings?  I know I was floating through the air, when FallenAngel sent me this yesterday.  He tricked me too. Named the e-mail something else, so I would open it unaware of the early gift inside!!!! BUGGER!!!!
I love Pengs new costume. I think it's gonna be a staple outfit from now on for him!!! What a wonderful gift, from such an awesome friend.

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