Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sexy Passage Through The Hot Sands

Alright!  To end off April, I have this beautifully crafted piece by Lastmanouthere to showcase off to you guys!  For the first time, we get to see Skelldon at his actual job.  As mentioned LONG ago, he works offering safe and sexy passage across the desert wastes.  These lie just beyond the city where he and Tonia live. 

In this piece, we find the two early in their relationship.  Tonia, being stubborn, tried to make a trek to a nearby oasis on foot.  He wants to go to a little gathering of friends there, but he can't afford a ticket on any of the escorts.  Not even half way there, he becomes exhausted, sweltering in the early morning sun.  He collapses to his knees.  He does his best to recompose himself, but the sun is too strong.  He prays he can at least make the journey back without fainting, or worse.
Soon, he notices the heat of the sun getting less severe as he find himself in a shadow.  At first he thinks it's a cloud, but a simple glance to his side finds the very welcome sight of Skelldon.  He's seen the muscular dinosaurman on many occasions, but was always too intimidated by such a powerful being, to greet him formally.  (In truth, the exact same can be said of Skelldon, who has adored Tonias body from afar many times.)
Tonia pets the overly friendly ceratopsian steed and after a bit of a licking, looks up laughing at it's handsome master.  Skelldon smiles a little goofily as he introduces himself and asks if the young man would like a ride.  Tonia looks down at the ground and replies that sadly, he has no money.  Skelldon assures him that it would be his pleasure and that by his own honor, he cannot leave anyone struggling in the desert. (Especially not someone as cute as Tonia, he thinks to himself.) 
As Tonia walks over to get behind Skellon, his eyes never leave the mans perfect cut cock.  Tonia can't help it. He has never seen an orange cock before.   His own cock throbs and bounces as he walks.  He wishes he could contain it, but he notices that Skelldon is very shyly sneaking glances at him.  Skelldon helps him up easily.  He seats him facing the front, instead of facing behind him, as is tradition.  Skellon is instantly aware of the cock head rubbing and smearing precum all over the small of his back.  It's nice and soft and cool. How long will it be before this leads to something else, he wonders?  This will be a fun ride indeed. 

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