Monday, April 11, 2016

Pleasuring My Centaur Man And He I, Eye To Eye

How frustrating it would be in a relationship if, for say, one could never look their lover in the eyes? Exchange a kiss, or hug, while making love simultaneous to each other is next to impossible.  Such is the way of any Centaur/human relationship.  Vann is a clever barbarian boy though, as we all know.  (So he reminds me constantly..cough.)  He hunts down treasure not just for monitory wealth, but things that enrich the lives of himself and his crew.  Frustrated by cruel fate, he seeks out the potion of palms.  An elixir that once poured over ones limb, will create a second phantom arm that the owner will have the exact control and feel over, as he would his own flesh and blood.
Pouring the potion and using the magic for the first time, is a little draining on Vann. (Whose human blood can be a bit overwhelmed by the use of new magics the first time.)  He is given strength and support by Equinnus however.  The centaur brings Vann closer as Equin caresses Vanns cut meat.  Using his full concentration Vann moves the vaporous extension of his arm towards the centaurs huge uncut dick. Equinnus stomps his hoofs, as his cock sways back and forth, impatiently waiting the fist mutual jerk off of his life.  Eventually Vann steers it in and makes the connection.  Equinnus lets out a whinny mixed with a moan, as excitement and pleasure makes his hart jump with joy.  Vann is pulled towards Equins lips and the two enjoy a long kiss.  Equinnus smiles and lets a little giggle, followed by a sigh. This is all so new and wonderful to him.  The simple pleasure denied to him, due to the structure of his body, now a thing of the past.  It's all so wonderful.  The two spend the morning embracing one another.  Eventually the potion will wear off, but Equinnus will never forget this experience, nor the lengths his friend went to fulfill this dream.

And I won't forget the lengths that Kagami06 went to create this sensual illustration!  I struggled a bit with the concept. The idea I sent to him had an acme style apparatus with a gloved hand at the end, so the two could jerk each other off at the same time.  The image was a bit more mischievous in tone as well.  I thought of a magic spell to use a gloved hand and one where Vanns arm actually separates. (That was a bit too gruesome, magic, or not.)  It was Kagami that not only suggested, but sketched out the concept of the phantom arm, to show just how well it would work. You can see the concept below, along with a terrible sketch by myself! LOL.

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