Saturday, April 2, 2016

Vann Illian And The Rabbit Tribe of Lapin

Hey guys, a better late than never Easter themed post. (My fault entirely, this week was so hectic.)  It's a pretty special picture set, created by Redartisan.  A set that started simple and continued to grow, even after the artist was complete!  Continuing this years theme of Vann Illia in bondage, this has some real history behind it.  The image set is based on an idea I had floating in my head for almost 5 years. The idea was of Vann running into a tribe of hostile Bunny warriors.  So it's pretty exciting to present this to you all.  Poor Vann Illia,  Our half elf barbarian is really in for it this time. They have bound him with vines very tightly by the arms and around his balls.  They look like Easter eggs ready for a paint job!

The chocolate bunny tribes warriors are lead by the lusty Lapin.  He's a man rabbit with a secrete power, to grant a very special desire.  On Easter his power fully flows through his hands.  The feeling of warm chocolate on Vann cock.  The other warriors watch with carrot dildos at the ready, to further subdue the Barbarian elf, if needs be.  His circumcised cock goes wild with each massive wave of pleasure the strokes bring forth. Vann cock grows hard quickly.  His cum starts to gather on the tip of his massive mushroom head.   The biggest warrior watching, cannot hold back the effect the scene is having on him. His own massive cut cock springs forth from his loin cloth.  He wishes he could be so lucky to be in Lapins hands right now.

Lapin releases Vanns cock for a moment. The bit of cum and precum that escaped Vanns head is enough for him to use. He takes his carrot brush and mixes the man juice with his own special paint. His graffiti makes  Vanns balls into beautiful Easter eggs. The paint is warm, very warm...too warm.  Vann is overcome with heat radiating from his nut sack.  Not the heat of fire, but that of pleasure, unrelenting, unquenchable, unprovoked.  Something is going on below and while amazing, it's worrisome what exactly this paint will do to him.
Lapin then moves his brush to Vann big pink head.  He tickles the top with his brush over and over.  He takes the constantly dripping precum and mixes it with his paint, again and again.  Lapins own cock head, sticky and moist after being trapped in it's foreskin all day, rubs up and down the bottom of Vanns shaft. Lapins piss slip seems to oven up and pinch hold of his cock.  Lapin too soon drips man honey and that coats the entirety of Vanns rigid shaft. It feels warm, with what Vann suspects is more than a ting of magic.

Vanns suspicions are soon proven correct. (An Elf, even a half Elf always knows when magic is afoot.)  Lapin paints and paints until a hard shelled cocoon forms over Vanns cock head.  He stops and blows gently over it.  The feeling akin to a hair dryer, fills his cock.  Vann relaxes and enjoys the lovely feeling. His body cools as he lets the heat in his cock warm him.  After 2 mins of this Lapin stands.  He moves his face close to Vanns and kisses him. He looks down and motions Vann to do the say with an eye gesture.  Lapin bends slightly and winds up his hips.  In one massive swing, his cock head crashes into Vanns, breaking the candy cocoon. His eyes widen in wonder as he beholds a miraculous sight!  Vanns cock has a foreskin again!  Huge and thick and extra veiny...Vann cannot remember the time when he was uncut.  Having a foreskin is a such a strange feeling for him. His cock head feels warm and dozens of new sensory nerves buzz around it.

At least, this is how he feels for a few moments.  But is it really real?  Will this last?  What sorcery is this? The foreskin feels real, but also a bit odd. Like it's not truly a part of his body. it's mimicking something and sending a message to his brain, not through real nerves, but through magic. Trying it's best to fool him, Vann admits it's certainly doing it's job.  Especially when Lapin grabs his reborn cock for the first time. He doesn't even have to pull the skin back, or stroke him much, before all that pleasure that has been welling up in his balls rushes free. The pleasure held in place by the brush and vines, now explodes through his shaft.  Cum guzzles out of him. Torrent after torrent dribbles from his foreskin lips.

As passion rushes out, his cheeks blush.  Warmth and relief waft over his face.  It's then that his nose catches the faint smell of something mixed with the cum.  Something sweet, something very familiar. It's the scent of white chocolate.  He looks down at his foreskin.  Is it made of some sort of magical confectionery?  Will it soon melt away?  Is there no way to save it?  Vann wonders all this and more, as he collapses.  The bandages are gone, as are his captors. The sun is setting on Easter.  Where did they go?  What will become of his cock now? He composes himself.  He was marked cut as an honor of his status within the barbarian clan he was raised in.  If it fades, it is of no loss to him.  He gets up and makes his way back home.  All the while, he is very well aware that eyes are watching him from the shadows...  What game are these things playing at?

Believe it, or not, but this idea has been sitting dormant since November 2011.  That was when I sketched up a ton of little Rabbit Warriors to harass poor Vann Illia.  At the time they were found in a jungle of prehistoric mammals.  Lead by bald vizier and ruled over by a young, but lazy king.  These two were unique in appearance and personality. The warriors on the other hand, were all to be carbon copies of each other.   They had actual rabbit feet and ears, while the vizier, being the son of an outsider had both human and rabbit ears. (The rabbit ears were possible fakes.)  The king had eyes like Easter eggs and did not, but eat chocolate and mate all day long.  He didn't speak.  He would only give out exclamations of joy, or sorrow. (Anger really didn't come to him easily.)  He was constantly eating and mating for a reason.  After getting filled with Easter cream, he laid eggs to replace any lost warriors, as life in the jungle was extremely harsh.  (Rabbit is delicious after all.)

Below is a rough sketch I did in like 3 mins. XD  The idea was originally to have a bunch of dicks with pain brushes inserted in their piss slits, painting Vanns balls.  One Warrior would be holding Vanns dick and painting his cock head, annoying the heck out of him. The Vizier would have been using a carrot condom to fuck Vann in the ass, while he played with his nipples.  This idea changed significantly in drafts Redartisan sent.  Gone were the anonymous dicks and added were more complete warriors looking in and enjoying the show.  I might actually pursue the concept of at least the Viziers action in a later image. I still need to refine him.

Not only did Redartisan sketch out the wabbit warriors, he colored and expanded on the sketches, as he was enjoying drawing them. ( I assume!)  To start, he sent me some head shots and we discussed the colors to be used, the hair style and the placement of the ears on the skull, etc. He then surprised me with a full body pin up. One thing that changed and I didn't notice till all was said and done, was the choice of eye colour from green to blue. I personally liked the green a bit more, as it is a nice spring colour.  Blue is awesome as well, of course. (Matching my own eyes!) 

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  1. Vann Illia is very hot. I would like to have fun with his big carrot and those hot Easter eggs!




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