Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dani the Betrayer & Thaddeus The Steadfast

Hey guys, I got some great new stuff to share and some Easter stuff on the way too.  Tonight's image is courtesy of Lastmanouthere and it has some major Final Fantasy, JRPG vibes going for it!  While working on a piece featuring Tonia and Skelldon, inspiration hit the mastermind and he gave birth to Dani the Betrayer & Thaddeus The Steadfast and explosive fashion!  I'm pretty blown away by this one. Speechless really.  Hit the image to blow it up for a vivider experience!

Here is their story!

Outside of the island where most "civilized" folks live, Marius and his family, including Zachery and Sigfried, have a more or less defined territory for themselves. Beyond those limits, other groups of outcasts hold dominion. Immediately next to Marius's district is Reinhart's, known to them as the Badlands. The inhabitants here are predatory animals, each living off reaping whatever they can or want from weaker groups outside, or even inside the Badlands. It's a sad place where the law is for the strong ones, Reinhart being the strongest and hence DE-facto king. Among Reinhart's top lieutenants are a couple artists which are both cousins and lovers, Dani and Thaddeus. Cold as ice and with angelic looks, Dani's art is called the Artic Shards.  It allows him to evoke deadly blades of ice in triangular shapes, with which he held his enemies. Dani's partner and counterweight is the impulsive and hotheaded Thaddeus. His art, Phoenix Circle, sprouts rigs of fire around his impressive legs.  They turn every one of his kicks into smouldering devastation.
Why are these lovers fighting then? Could it be that their Lord and leader Reinhart likes to pit one against the other for his (or their?) amusement? Could it be that Dani has betrayed Thaddeus and he in turn wants to extract vengeance?

Thaddeus Greek letter is the Theta, seen in his badges and harness buckle, while Dani is clearly the delta, which he holds in his hat. Both the men's arts also resemble the letters somehow, be it Thaddeus fiery rings and roundhouse kicks, or Dani's triangular blades.

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