Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Warden Inspects A Weapon Of Peace

I asked FallenAngel to help me to a little piece featuring Lastmanouthere's newest characters.  I picked Edwards and asked Fallen to pick his favorite. He already had taken a liking to Seigfried and picked him instantly.  I imagined the two meeting up while patrolling.  Scoping out each others bodies, they would quietly and very slowly move into a more secluded area.  Hiding behind some debris, their cocks rock hard and leaking precum, they would start exploring each others bodies.  Seigfried being the older and more experienced, would take control. Gently stroking Edwards huge shaft and fondling the soft exposed cock head, Edwards has to sit down.  The pleasure upon his super sensitive rod is too much.  Over and over, he would gently rock the foreskin up and down, till a small trickle of cum would start to drizzle out of Edwards head.  Edwards notices Seigfried positioning his hand to cup the young mans cum.  Upon the site of seeing his cum captured in Seigs golden hands, Ed finds trying to hold back too difficult. An instant after the first drips escape, he erupts in a hot torrent of sperm that covers Seigfrieds leg and massive cock.  The sweet coating of cum, will be a massive treat for Edwards as he repays the favor.  He is embarrassed at cumming so quickly, but the same hormones that drove him to a fast orgasm are making him instantly horny and ready for round two.

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