Sunday, March 6, 2016

Edwards The Peacemaker

It's the month of chocolate delights with Easter on it's way.  Lastmanouthere has a manly mocha mouthful for you all to feast upon, to start the month right!  Being Lastmanouthere's first African American character, I was fucking flipping over the moon from the moment I laid eyes on him.  A sweet face, body to worship and a massive chocolate bar, with the wrapper pulled back a bit to enjoy. YUM! YUM! YUM!  Love his full on Bamm-Bamm Rubble style 'turtle' armor. ;D  Those big, heavy balls are just dying to nut.  (I think I figured out where his power comes from!)  Let me tell you, I've been thinking about them glorious balls doing just that for about a week now!  Super proud to show off this first to you all.  Please enjoy his story as told by Lastmanouthere below!

After the Last War, cities were devastated, their population, even in the largest metropolis, was reduced to a few thousands.

In the City, isolated from the outside world as the roads were destroyed, the Enlightened ones  rose to power and consolidated their power from their seat in the Citadel. They controlled everything, and ruled over every aspect of the lives of those living in the Island district of the City. Access to education, technology, teaching of the Art, and even sexual activity, was a prerogative of those the Enlightened ones decided we're worthy.
Those who didn't comply were banished to the other districts of the city, beyond the Island. To maintain the safety of their own chosen populace inside the Island, the Enlightened ones kept a patrol in the outer districts, their task to prevent the quarreling groups of outsiders to start a war between each other, or even worse, to gang up against the Island.
Cadet Edwards, is part of a special group in the Outer Patrol. Like other units, he pilots a cybernetic armor vehicle as part of his enforcing duties. However, unlike the most majority of other OPs, Edwards is an Artist. His art, the Meteor Impact, can propel him with enormous kinetic energy against his enemies like a comet.
In spite of his young age, and his naïveté, Edwards is a quite capable OP. His work on the Outer districts has allowed him to see the humanity of those banished from the Island, even befriending them in a way. He believes in peace, and works for the welfare of everyone, banished or islander.
When he sees young Zachery wandering into the Bad Borough by itself, he goes after him, trying to protect him, only to find Zachery already has the protection of the mysterious outsider Alexander.
What will Edwards do in view of the arrival of this stranger? Will his vision of peace finally come true, or it is war he should prepare for?

Edwards is the Eta, shown in his chest badge

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