Saturday, March 5, 2016

Anubis Priest Sexual Spells

Today we have Anubis drawn up all yummy by the one and only Yelmo. Looks like the young priest of the dearly departed, decided to use his magic on himself. His experiment with controlling spirits went a bit array, as ones passions increase, so can magical potency. Using his ankh staff to conjure up the spirit of a young man he knew in life, he commanded it to fondle his beautiful black cock till he came. The pleasure was intense, for an Anunbis priest grows in power and potency from the dead. Lost in his pleasure, he didn't the spell he was using bound his hands to the staff, till an orgasm was achieved. The spirit somehow became aware of it as it grew stronger the longer it was summoned. Before he knew it, the ghostly mummy hand meant to jerk him off, spawned it's other hand. That one went to work on his ass, as the original ignoring his desperate need to cum, worked his nipples instead. That need for release (both sexually and physically( drove the demigod crazy, as magic and passion flowed intensely through him. As he tried to call out for help, the cock of the young man appeared in the air in front of his face, forcing it's way into his mouth! What will come next? Will he be released as his cock finally cums on it's own? Or will the full mummy appear, a now powerful, lust controlled apparition, capable of Ra knows what?

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