Friday, December 25, 2015

Rikuo Santa Batsu Is On The Naughty List

Merry Christmas 2015 everyone. I hope you guys are all having a wonderful holiday.  Mine has been filled with ups and downs. I spent a lot of this week in the hospital, visiting a relative who was fighting for her life.  So that didn't set up for a very happy holiday.  Things went well.  She is fine and we are having a great Christmas. :)  I got some very special gifts this year.  Among them was this wicked sketch of Santa Rikuo holding reindeer Batsu on a leach!  Maduinshorn sent me this the other day and if it wasn't for the nonstop company I would have had this up long ago.  Sharing this naughty sketch with you blog followers brings me much better joy, than anything I got under my tree!  Now if only Capcom could harness the imagination of Maduinshorn into a new game, I would have a perfect 2016!

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