Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nehme VS Yoluk

Hey guys. What I have to share will probably be the final post this year that includes art by Lastmanouthere. I want to thank him deeply for providing so much content this year. He has contributed well over 20 works with many variations.  He's being doing more than his fair share to keep this blog alive and running. Each of his contributions have proven more popular than the last, as his art has jettisoned to astronomical levels in detailed beauty. In this time when the Canadian dollar is so low, it's hard for me to afford commissions.My old friend has done more for DPK than I could ever hope for.  I thank you very much Lastmanouthere.
He's provided a stunning piece that looks like it fell out of a sexy Mayan illustrated history book. (Well one we all would be hoping for as we dug through those books as teens!!!  You know you were looking for cocks toot, admit it.)  I can't get over the stunning details. The men, Yoluk and Nehme looks so life like. If only they truly were real! That would make for one hot holiday. Though I am not so sure I want Nehme scheming around my place. :P I would lose a lot of valuables!

Lastmanouthere was, as always ready with a back story as well!!! Enjoy!

 Well, after the whole affair with Tenson and the city of the world, but before the old wizard attempted to invade the Aztec capital, there was quite a bit of intrigue for Ixy and his friends.

One of the most significant events involved the diplomatic tensions between the Aztecs and their eternal enemies, the Tlaxcalteca people. The two civilisations had maintained a sort of truce since the rise of the current tlatoani, but the Aztecs have always had the upper hand. Tensions were on the rise, and even the able ambassador Meztliyaotl was unable to control the animosity between his people and the Aztecs. Eventually, though, the well-intentioned Ixy, in his capacity as representative of the neutral Maya, who agreed to travel to Tlaxcala to mediate.

Both Yoluk and Nehme learned that the tlaxcalteca queen was maybe not what she appeared, and set on a covert mission to rescue their beloved Ixy from the danger he was not aware of in his naivety. At first, the two Warriors were just short of inimical to each other. They both loved Ixy, loved him and only him and wished a life with him. Neither of them considered himself worthy of Ixy, though. And neither of them knew if Ixy loved him or the other.

Tlaxcala, however, turned out to be a more dangerous place than either the Mayan or the Aztec thought initially. They had to help each other, they had to cooperate and fight side by side to rescue the youth, and along they way, they realised something startling. Ixy could love each and both of them just as much and just as intensely. Even more surprisingly, they learned that they too, Nehme and Yoluk, could love another man too, in the same way they loved Ixy...

Nehme loving Ixy?  Well that is news to this prince.  But who knows?  For bitter enemies can make passionate lovers.

I hope you guys like the pictures! Merry Christmas from Lastmanouthere!

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  1. Beautifull mayans, I have painted a following a Mayan sculpture :



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