Friday, December 4, 2015

Devar The Tracker‏

Hey guys, As you can see above I have another portrait by Lastmouthere! This one is of the perfectly hung hunter Devar.  (Hey Devar, is that DENVER on your shoulder? O__O)  Dever has one of the slickest cocks Lastmanouthere has ever made.  That perfect sausage is lucky it's still in the shape it's in.  As you can see and will soon read, he has sustained some major battle damage.  Fighting in a savage world of barbarians and bewitched bones will do that to a guy though!  Read on for his story, as soon as you are done drooling. ;P

Formerly one of the hunters, Devar was wounded in a battle with a dancer Bone, losing his eye and a nipple. While he was still able to fight, the tribe decided his talents would be better used a tracker. Out there in the steppe, Devar always know how to find his way, be it back home to the settlement, looking after lost youngsters, or even following one of the damned Bones for the hunters to finish it. Though his pride was hurt when he was demoted, he had found happiness and proven his worth as the invaluable member of the tribe he is.

Regarding his creation: 
For his design, a decided not to put a lot of bone details, with the obvious exception of the skull shoulder pad. Unlike most of the hunters of the tribe, his cock and face are not protected; more protective bone armor should be reserved for the fighters of the tribe, though Devar still has some protection in care his mission involves Bones. 

This of course lead to his being so badly damaged. Still I wouldn't turn my nose up at him.  I dig the damage.  He certainly has nice combed hair for a handicapped tracker.  I wonder how he will figure into Iggy's story?

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