Sunday, December 13, 2015

Krawlash And His Brothers

One day after a long adventure, Krawlash invites Vann to his ancestral home.  They have venture so far that it seems like the right choice to make.  Spending the evening with family is preferable to the woodland and it's many creatures.  In a rocky cliff, Vann is treated to true reptile human hospitality.  As usual, he gorges himself on the cooking.  Home cooking, especially this exotic mix of fruits and vegetables seasoned just right, he cannot resit. The more he eats, the more he wants. Sadly the spices used have an odd effect on one half human and half elf.  Vann finds himself growing increasing horny soon after dinner.  His ass aches to be as full as his tummy.  He allows Kraw to slither up his man hole with is leathery cock. It fits and glides in and out like a charm.  Cum flows time and again from the young blonds cock.  From the shadows emerge Kraws two older brothers.  They have been watching and their massive 15 inch uncut cocks have swollen fully.  They want some attention, but can Vann Illia take it?  For unlike Kraw, these two have spiky frills along the top of their shafts.  What will the fate of Vann Illias ass be?  Below: the epic fucking art of FallenAngel!!! Enjoy!

Here is the concept sketch for the piece.  Originally one brother was to be cut with spikes on his head. (Still could be under the foreskin.)  The other was to have one large spike that formed from his skull.  Cut brother was meant to be the younger, thinner brother as well.  He may appear in an additional image! 

Here is the initial sketch by FallenAngel. We toyed with them having more lizard like faces.

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