Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Easter Vanny Is On HIs Way!

Happy Easter 2014 everyone!  Vann Illia is happily hippity hopping through the enchanted land of the Easter Bunny!  The Elf Barbarian is snatching up chocolate and candy eggs to give to his crew!  But if he makes the wrong move, he could face the wrath of whatever hatches out of those giant eggs!  I hope that you guys have a wonderful day full of sugar highs and sexy guys! :P

Class Comics released their Easter Greeting on Friday. This year they featured Space Cadet. (Much to my delight!)  I love that big old chocolate egg of his hanging over the cracked shell..yum!  Who doesn't want his cream filling? :D

Nothing new Class Comics featuring Harry, but a heads up, something new featuring him will soon be on this site! ^O^   Easter is the perfect time to get acquainted with Harry in the Exceptional Ani-Males #1!
Speaking of Harry, he's a very creepy, yet also strangely alluring rabbit human that resembles him a bit! Someone showed me this on Youtube....I warn you, it may creep you out a little.

I would actually be really interested in seeing porn with this character if it wasn't for that nightmare inducing face.  Those eyes are two pools of bottomless darkness.  YIKES!  I think we found the Easter Bunny version of Krampus.  I'm gonna stick with Harry for now!

Here's some pictures from my own personal Easter! 

Made some Thumper themed Easter Eggs.  I have a Star Wars kit that I will probably do tonight, or tomorrow. 

Do you eat the red ones last? :D

Here was a huge Surprise I found at Wal-Mart.  You don't see the Smurfs too often these days.  It's nice that they went with the traditional, instead of the movie versions.

 It's even got some beautiful art on the back! Can you find the differences?

This is what I got for Easter.  Captain America Pen light. It's a little hard to keep the flash on, but it looks really great, so it's worth the effort!

I always like to share a cut out for the holiday.  Here are some old Snow White ones from (I think) New Zealand. They would go nice with your eggs. :)

Have you guys seen any other gay Easter Art around this year?  I haven't seen much yet, save for Genelightfoots sweet new animated. Check it out by Clicking here!  A lot of blogs I used to follow, seem to be abandoned.

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