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Deimos 10th Anniversary Special Review

A couple weeks ago I looked over the newest covers from Class Comics.  Of them, I mentioned the Diemos title was my favorite, so I decided to do a little review of it tonight.  Deimos 10th Anniversary Special contains 4 stories featuring everyones favorite grape colored demon. ;)  It's available in both print and digital editions. It's hard to believe it's been 10 long years since he first appeared in book 0 of the series.  The digital version includes a bonus section full of advertisements, old sketches and pin ups from Deimos first appearances.  There was a lot of new 'old' stuff to see here.  There are ancient sketches dating back to 2000, with notes on them!  They include design choices that changed and even characters that were dropped. You'll find out something slightly shocking about Deimos's creation as well!  Deimos kinda, sorta..was almost a girl!  Though, that is a bit of an exaggeration, you'll just have to get the book to read the article for yourself to see what I mean!
You'll learn the secret as to why the series was handed to other artists, (something I learned not long ago)  among many other interesting facts.  It's actually due to this wealth of information and nostalgia found in this 24 page section that I have to recommend the digital over the printed edition. Oh man, just seeing some of the older images warmed my heart and made me smile.  They reminded me of when I was in my young 20s and I would sneak my Class Comics into my room, lock the door and enjoy! LOL!  Sigh..feels so very long ago now. -_- What a wonderful thrill it was though!  You never forget those good times. 

  Now on to the new material!  First off I want to talk about Leon De Leons story. He could hardly keep himself contained about it in his e-mails to me last summer.  He was so happy and thrilled to be working on it. When he finally completed it, he sent me a very special gift.  One day in the mail, I found an envelope with his actual pencil work for the entire comic. I've been given a lot of amazing art from artists over the years in the mail. This one in particular stands out, because I know how near and dear Deimos is to Leon.  It was his first love at Class. I know how hard it must have been to part with those pages.  I now how much he wanted to cheer me up with his gift.  He's such a sweet friend.  Needless to say it made for one unforgettable experience, as I leafed through the pages, drooling over the men and wondering what exactly was going on! 
I waited on baited breath for it's actual release to find out.  (Cause Leon wasn't talking! LOL)  I was reading his story within seconds of receiving the book!   The story, entitled "Life Is But A Dream" is a Twilight Zone like what if tale, that shows Deimos having a normal life as a porn star. (Okay, more like DREAM life as a porn star.)  Of course Deimos is in for a rude awakening that will leave him wondering if he's actually won this time.  It left me wondering what exactly happens to demons when they die on the Earthly plane?  It's a tale filled with hot gang banging and gut-wrenching sorrow.  Leons art is beautiful, especially his take on 'sexy nerd' Deimos as seen below.  Probably my favorite panel.  Leon graces the pages with a variety of men from various ethnicities.  

 Watch out Deimos, those are not real Angels.  (The wings are a dead giveaway!)

The first story in the book, drawn by Jacob Mott is another 'What If' Tale. This one is much more light hearted however and is basically one long sex scene. NO COMPLAINTS HERE! LOL!  It explores Cardinals desire for Deimos.(Hey join the club!)  I love that Deimos's love of Asian goodies is being displayed here yet again!  I never cared much for bubble Tea myself, but I always get one, thinking it's going to be better then it is. Now, if I could enjoy it the way these two do, I would never complain!  The story is filled with excellent poses and nice big close ups of the heroes dicks.  Lots of sweets to enjoy here!

Jeez Cardinal are you walking into a store barefoot? You Angels sure are hippies!      

The final new story was written and draw by Deimos other 'father' Logan.  Logan has been drawing the series from the official first issue.  In it, Deimos meets the Heavenly equivalent of himself.  Gabe is an Angel that has Fallen.  He's sick of Gods agenda and has taken to punishing priests. (I wonder if their sins are of the 'don't touch da boys' variety?)  Gabe, as he calls himself decides to challenge Deimos to a battle, where both wind up winning in the end.  He's a very interesting character and a great addition to the cast.  While I can see them teaming up momentarily, ultimately I feel Gabe will probably betray Deimos.  Especially if his wish is to get in good with the forces of Hell.  Though, nothing in the story actually hints that that is his ultimate goal. I am just speculating.  We will have to wait to see if more of Logans angel OC is explored in the future to find out for sure!

The book in rounded out by Patrick Fillions Dead Of Winter. This was released last year as stand alone special. It was the first time Patrick had drawn his character in a full story in 9 years time.  Due to that it came with great anticipation from fans.  I really loved this one.  If you haven't picked up the stand alone digital, or want to really experience it on real paper, now is your chance!  As you might have seen I commissioned some fan art based on it not long ago.  The tale of the cock stealing demon Puggazo, the handsome Canadian woodsman and the wounded, frightened Deimos all made for exciting, sexy story telling.  So much so that I even wrote a sequel to it! LOL! A bit of fan fiction I hope to have someone do very soon! (I've been saying that since last fall! LOL.)   There's a couple super hot sex scenes in this one, along with some adorable images of Deimos in his long johns! Hee hee.  (he gives new meaning to the term.)  Those are well worth it alone!

A big burly man against a beautiful Canadian winter backdrop...dang. What could be more beautiful? :D
We get to learn a little bit more about Deimos powers in this tale! 

The book also features a lot of the fan art of Deimos that has been given to, or featured in Class Comics over the years! 

Check the book out over at Class Comics!

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