Sunday, April 6, 2014

Simon Belmont Lets It Swing

Simons hunkiness shines bright even in the supernatural fog of Transylvania!

How long has it been since we featured Simon Belmont on this site?  I was feeling very old school the other day.  So I asked FallenAngel to please do whip up a little Vampire Hunter hotness for me to share! He is doing a $10 promotion right now for one character.  You guys should check it out!  I picked the oldest images of Simon for reference.  (My favorite incarnation of the character.)  I even sent him the super cute Wai Wai World version! (see below.)  Fallens Simon has a thick low hanger that would make the castles clock tower pendulum feel jealous. :P 

I've been in a video game collecting mood all March. I recently picked up these super fine magnets off of E-Bay. They are not official, just so you know.

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