Saturday, April 26, 2014

Oni Evolution Stage 1: Choose Your Colour

Tonight as the midnight hour fast approaches, I bring to you guys a brand new cast member!  This young man is named Gojioni.  He is still under heavy development.  I started to work with him along side Adonix and Aneros in March.  I placed his original sketches on my Facebook page and got some very nice feedback.  Since we started work on him, many things have changed, especially his back story. I wanted to make a unique looking Oni, as there so many out there.  I hope that you will find him to be just that, especially as I reveal the stages of his evolution over the coming weeks.  For now, I am proud to present the first full color professionally drawn pics of him by my old friend Adonix.  He supplied me with 3 wonderful colour schemes.  I have a very hard time deciding on one.  Which one is your favorite? :)


  1. I prefer the white (first one).It's a little cold, comparing to the other ones. All oni's i've seen before are red skinned. Would be cool with something new and original :)
    PS: awesome drawings!

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  3. Hard to decide -- they all look so good! Adonix did fantastic job on all three.

    I like versions 2 and 3 a bit more, but red's kinda their usual color, and I think you already have some blue-haired (or was it -feathered?) guys the color of the third one.



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