Friday, April 18, 2014

Camil-Cat Sings the Blues

 Poor Cam! His life is fraught with peril.  His latest adventures have him trying to not only put his life back together, but his physical appearance as well!  He seems to always be ready to play the blues, but now so more then ever.  So I guess it was no surprise that I start to think of him as a real Blues Cat. (Hit link for appropriate music.)  He's down on his luck, but he's got a mission and like a true Bara Blues Bro, nothings gonna stop him! 
This yummy animated image was of course drawn by Genelightfoot.  I actually had this idea long ago, but it took some farming to get it off the ground. Gene was able to take the idea to beyond where I originally wanted to go with it, by animating it.  The action of Spots cock was changed so that he beats the drums much like a dog wagging it's tail. (But in the front and hotter and thicker and uncut...XD)  He lovely added some great effects and the background I suggested.  He does a colossal Cam and a succulent Spot.  (Sun glasses make everything that much hotter I think!)

Love lost was very inspirational to me at the time of reading it.  I have cum back to it several times since.  I liked the two digital versions, but it was when got the print version that I was really taken back.  There's just something about the experience of opening a comic book, that a PC can't compete with.  Fully talking Patrick Fillions art and story on the print page blew me away.  (As well as a few loads.) I had originally planned a full review.  I even went to the length of attempting a video review.  I tried it a couple times, but I couldn't keep my hands out of my pants! :P Joking, but seriously, the art is very distracting...hee hee.  I still plan to do a review and talk about the book at length.  Cam is a very endearing character and he's going through the most interesting adventure of his career right now.  Changes and Love Lost may be his two finest books yet.

 If you haven't yet, check out Camili-Cat Love Lost from Class Comics. You can still purchase the print version.  It's way worth it. 

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