Saturday, April 12, 2014

Captive! Rex: Prisoner of Lil Deep Comic!

Hey guys! Tonight I have something that has waited a very long time to be posted. It's a comic that I wrote up last year and sent to Rubensum. Rubensum took the short script I wrote, (which was only intended to be a page) and stretched the idea into a two pager. He gave the characters a lot more interaction and had a lot of fun with the concept. I was over joyed, because what he presented me with was far greater then my original expectations. ^__^  It inspired me to delve into the story and even Deeps personality and powers a bit more then usual. I finally gave Deep an accent fitting of his heritage!  Besides the lettering (Big hand to Caravaggia for helping me do that and thereby kick starting this thing back into action.) the project was completed 11 months ago. This isn't the only project I have in holding thanks to the events of last year.   So finally, it's time for me to very proudly release this Sharkboy for you all to enjoy.  Rubensums art is truly funtastic.  I may have to write a sequel to this. (I promise it won't take a year to come out!!!) 

DinosaurPrince's Kingdom
Proudly Presents:
Rex: Prisoner of Lil Deep!

Story by Dinosaurprince
Art by Rubensum
Lettering By Caravaggia

Rubensum surprised me with this sexy, sexy pin up of Rex the other day!!! Who wants to remove the bow? XD
Here is just one example of how much fun Rub was having with the comic.  Here he made a see through image of the blow job Deep is giving Rex.  As you can see Rex is not that hard yet.  His powers of resistance are strong! :P

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