Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cum Into My Parlor Birthday Angel

Tonight Vann Illa and Oni are waiting for FallenAngel come on over and celebrate his birthday!  Vanns up for any challenge especially one that involves sex and food.  He's looking forward to digging into that cool ice cream, covered in hot Oni sauce...Oni is loving the cold ice cream on his big red balls and squishing in between his tight bum cheeks. :P So much better then the heat of the underworld!  Won't you join Fallen in a little dessert?
This image was lovingly drawn by Leon De Leon/Urbanmusiq in a very short time!  This is his first time taking on Oni and Vann Illia.  What do you guys think?  At first Acamas was going to be in the image, but we couldn't resist having Vann in an image like this.  I know how much Fallen loves his ice cream and Leon was sure to include all his favorites, especially a big old BANANA! XD  As a friend of mine said earlier today, I wanted a concept that is "playful, joyful and fun and sweet" to match how Fallen is as a person. I was dieting, eating boring salad and drinking tea with no sugar when Leon sent me the flats.  I think I went on waaaaaaaaaaay too much about that ice cream.  It's looked so good...I almost broke my diet!  Maybe Fallen and I will revisit this ice cream fantasy in the future.  For now, we have lots of meat and cream for our eyes to feast on.

Happy Birthday Fallen Angel.

Lots of love from your buddies
Matt and Leon!  

1 comment:

  1. Hmm, no shrinkage from that cold ice cream. :-)

    My compliments to Leon, and thanks for showing this to us!



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