Monday, August 18, 2014

Ira Gamagoori From Kill La Kill Has A Giant Dick

I had to name even the blog post after the outstanding dick that FallenAngel decided to bestow upon Ira. This excellent image of the bara god from Kill La Kill, is our little tribute to Maduinshorn, who had a birthday recently.  He's been drawing the characters from Kill La Kill a lot and we caught a bit of the fever from his wonderful pieces on his tumblr! Ira is certainly one of Fallens biggest built drawing to date.  Everything about him is tank like.  He would make a wild action figure.  Too bad Japan doesn' produce anything that liberal. ;D Thank you Fallen and again Happy Birthday to our dear friend Maduinshorn.


  1. Happy birthday to Maduinshorn!!!!
    Great job Fallen! This character is soo popular D:

    1. @Devilman - thanks glad you like it, hope so Maduinshorn as well ^-^ I have fun doing Ira. - FallenAngel



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