Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bara Basks In The Sunlight By Lastmanouthere

Hey guys, sorry for the inactivity this week. Since last week I have been dealing with a lot of pain in my sacroiliac and leg.  It's not from what you think!!!! Anyway I'm back in the pink, I time to get on my ass again and post, right?  I got a hot treat for a sunny August afternoon, Ignatius D'Marrow by Lastmanouthere! I hope you guys love him as much as I do! :D

 Once again we find our lustful Lastman channeling the muse of some late 20th century fantasy art god, to give us some divine lines!  Iggy has never looked so big, beefy and well..bara! He's sitting on those bones, just letting it hang.  Showing of his size and dominance to those in his new found tribe of bone hunters. Bet he never thought he was be doing this while need deep in text books at the university.  I can totally relate to this relaxed image!!! I needed to relax all week and so took a lesson from Iggy. Some times you just gotta chill and enjoy the sunshine. Let the body heal and rest while you can, cause there will be plenty to fight in the future.  Thank you Lastman for drawing such a great picture and letting me share it with the world! You rock!

Iggy isn't the only one getting ready to bask in the sunshine. I bought this kick ass beach towel from Frozen today.  Lastmans image certainly helped spur my purchase of this.  I was at Wal-Mart and picked up a couple cool things actually. I got two nice sets of Guardians of the Galaxy stickers. I got one for my buddy I saw the movie with last week. I enjoyed the movie more then him, but he seems to be licking it more then when he initially saw it, for some reason.  (I think it's the soundtrack.)  I grabbed some cool Pac-Man pants, some nice Angry Birds pens and a couple Simpsons Comics. Ms. K is still alive and well in the comic books, which is nice. I took some pictures to show them off.  I really bought the towel for my mom. She loves the movie. XD Does any woman out there NOT love it?

That's it for me for today, but tomorrow I got a Kill La Kill image and a beach party picture coming up the day after that.  I'm off to give my buddy those stickers now.  See ya boys. 

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  1. Thank you, DP. Your words of appreciation are always welcome; they motivate me to keep on drawing :)



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