Sunday, August 24, 2014

3,000,0000 Page Views Celebration!

I noticed last week that we had just hit over 3 million page views.  I think that's a pretty incredible feat for our little blog.  I still can't believe that we started this 5 long years ago.  It feels like yesterday that FallenAngel and Nookiedog were sending their first sketches to me.  Sigh... Well in celebration of all this, we've got DJ Smilo ready to provide the music for a huge party in Prehistoric Paradise!  In the coming weeks I'll have other images from the party. :) 

FallenAngels image is based on a sketch I did some time ago of Smilo. I recently unearthed it and sent it to him for consideration.  This image is pure Fallen though.  So much was added from that simple sketch.  I thought the butterflies were truly brilliant.  Smilo has never looked better.  I found his eyes to be very enchanting! Very Utsukushī as he might say.  Thanks FallenAngel for 5 years of fun!  

Hard to believe that we got that many views!  Thanks for all the love guys.

Here as well, are my sketches for the Chibi Zahn and Dimata images I posted not long ago!

I don't have any music of my own for Smilo to spin, but I did find an interesting article about the top video game music that was too big for it's intended purpose.  At the top of that list was a remix of the final boss music from Sonic 3, used for a battle in Sonic Generations.  The actual track runs for almost 4 mins, while the fight only lasts less then 1.  Such a shame, given the effort put into it.  I found a couple tracks were like that in the home console version of the game as well.  This track is pretty bitchin' as is the remix for Sonic CDs Metal Sonic fight.  Rooftop Run just makes you want to dance to the beat. You can say a lot of shit about Sonic these days, but Sega has never skimmed on the quality of his music tracks.



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