Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Young Space Cadet Is Eager To Plase

While researching the image for the vampire Gene Lightfoot drew in October, I came across another character who always intrigued me.  In the pages of Bliss, another Space Cadet can be found.  This one also shares Byrons golden hair. I started to wonder who this character, who appears on an ACE card was?  I imagine him as a young student of Byrons. (Even though Byron himself is only 21.)  An 18 year old teen wanting to be like his hero!  He studies under Byron in a secret Academy deep in space!  I showed him to Gene and he agreed that this character was very deserving of more life than that single image.  So we decided to give him a little animated adventure, to celebrate his 'rebirth.'
Gene was super nice in doing this commission.  He did is super fast and as you can see went all out with the animated details.  Even the galaxy itself is pulsating to their hot frot love!  The bubbly cum had me smiling like crazy! Best addition ever!  As always Gene brings such power and sensuality to Byron.  He has a way of making Byron look so warm and kind!  Just want to cuddle in his arms forever!  His take on Ace is top notch and hopefully help others realize that there is a hottie here that deserves more love!!!  Had November not been the nightmare it was for me, I would have had this out to you guys to enjoy a lot sooner.

I asked Patrick after the image was drawn and sent, what the characters back story in the world of Class Comics was.  The character had originally been drawn to help illustrate a story long ago.  The image of 'Ace' was free to become whatever he liked in the world of Class Comics.  So hopefully, finances willing, I can help do that with the skilled talents of the amazing artists I know!   For now, I am very proud to present this image to you all to enjoy. Gene sent this wicked profile shots too!!! Enjoy the awesome!

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