Sunday, December 25, 2016

Did you Hear The News? A Merry Christmas and a New Class Comics Meaty!!

Merry Christmas morning everyone!! I want to share the gift sent to me by the awesome Fallenangel.  Vann is swinging down from on high, to wish us all a happy holiday.  Looks like he's adding some precipitation to those light flurries. :P Showing his moves with his swing skills with giant balls has certainly impressed Frosty, but it's not gaining the same sort of respect from Peng.  (Who will probably have to fish him out of a snow bank sooner, or later.)  A huge warm as hot chocolate hug to FallenAngel for taking the time to create such a sweet gift.

FallenAngel and I also participated in recent Kinky Christmas Meaty from Class Comics.  I basically threw a bunch of ideas at him and upon deciding on one, let him go to town on it.  We chose Cam, cause we haven't done much with him lately and Kino had some great concepts in mind.  Here is a preview below, showing off Cams new snowboarding outfit!

We also were featured in a collage that features all the Christmas art FallenAngel and I gave to Patrick and Fraser over the years!
The books are jam packed with great art.  Many of the contributors from this site are featured in it, including: Guytoonist who also draws a sexy Candy cane vs Camili-Cat piece!
Aneros who has Zahn creating a playmate...
Caravaggia who created 3 awesome pieces!  2 of which are cut outs!
Fared (Yelmo) who gives us a Christmas Trip.
Genelightfoot who created a exhilarating animated piece!
Leon De Leon, who drew his favourite Demon, wanting more than a kiss!
PPMaqero, who has party plans for Zahn.
Prince of Hearts who did a threesome of characters long lost.
Sakuseii who also decided to make Sheldon buff and beautiful, as Sirio and I did last year. (Think I am seeing some definite wishing going on her amongst us fans..)
Sirio who also has Deimos ready to play the festive way.
Tomas Cray who is trying to over indulge in candy canes!

One of the most outstanding submissions came in the form of knitted characters by Robert Fraser himself.  I think it's a great idea to market and sell those little guys.  (Though Fraser may have not time for anything else, if he had too!)

A Very Kinky Christmas Vol 1

A Very Kinky Christmas Vol 2

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