Saturday, September 19, 2020

Zagreus The Prince Of Hades

Hello everyone.  It has been some time hasn’t it?  It has been a crazy year for everyone. My job and my health have both been terrible, but wort of all is my PC.  The main tool I use to post here, has become a nightmare to use.  Still it is the start of the Halloween season and it time for me to pull my pants up and get posting again.  I am using my mobile device to post, so these might wind up being briefer than usual. I HATE typing on this thing.  Anyway, let’s get to it.  

You might have heard of a little game called Hades that just released on Nintendo Switch. After seeing the animated trailer I immediately fell head over heals for who I thought was Hades himself.  Turns out though that this hunk is Hades son Zagreus.  Well, you boys know me.  I had to get the game and commission some art based on it..particularly prince Zag.  As it turns out the game is a blast to play through.  I totally suck at it, but I don’t care.  Getting to know the prince, along with his fellow denizens of the underworld better with each failure is all part of the fun.  The cast of characters is delightful.  The prince himself is not exactly James Woods.  He is more kind of heart and extremely well mannered.  I won’t say much, this isn’t a review, but I will say that each olympian is sexy treat for the eyes.  They all have well fleshed out personalities, along with one who definitely took inspiration from Disney’s Hercules.  

You have already scrolled down, but here is my first commissioned piece, this one by the super artist Aneros, of the charming, devilishly delightful prince Zagreus.  He is now well endowed, with a wet, glistening uncut cock for us all to worship.  Oh Prince, you cannot make it up to the surface world to be with us mortals fast enough! 

 Here is the line art, for those of you who enjoy colouring and seeing the making of process.

Alight throw out your tissues and keep scrolling down.  I have some in game art to share!


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