Sunday, February 23, 2020

Dellan Garmond A noble hero

Good evening guys! I have the very first original character of 2020 to show off tonight.  This as you read is Dellan.  A bold new entity by Lastmanouthere.  Bold in that, he is very much a medieval super hero. A Vigilante of noble birth.  He has an air of smugness to him, that is very sexy.  He reminds me of the first guy I ever dated. Smugness and always creeping around at night.  Though, I think I would rather have dated Dellan.  I have already been begging lastman to present him in action, as his story begs much visual exploring.  Here it is for your enjoyment.

Some nobles are born to rule. 
Some nobles are born to lead armies. 
Dellan of House Garmond, in Praria, was born for neither.   

     The fifth child of the Count of Highwind, Dellan was in no hopes of inheriting his father's claim to being Mayor of Praria, the former Imperial Capital. And while his brothers and sister would have killed for it, Dellan rejoiced in the fact he had no aristocratic responsibilities other than looking pretty and improving his father's influence by sleeping with other noblemen.
     This easy life, however, soon became boring, and for a dynamic guy like Dellan, that was a problem. Strong and agile, he had no problem fending off a band of thugs who attacked him and his latest paramour one night, and that started a constant and unavoidable urge to seek thrills in crime-fighting. Adopting a masked persona, he started a career of sneaking out of home at night to punish criminals and save the innocent. Eventually, the people identified him as Nightdancer, as his personal fighting style involved an acrobatic display around his targets, all the while he stabbed and lashed with his rapier in the softest and most vulnerable spots.
But even this life began to become stale, and while Praria offered no shortage of criminals small and big, after a few years, Dellan wanted more. It was a welcomed coincidence he stumbled upon Constable Ryan, who was just gotten involved into a larger than life conspiracy to face an ancient, obscure threat......

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