Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Sorcerer Brings Promises Of A Magical 2019

Hello Everyone.  Happy New Year. Last year didn't go so well for my family and I.  I am hoping that this year will bring a period of calm, so that I can have the time and resources to get art done to share.  I have a lot from last year to post, but I decided to start the year with the latest piece.  This handsome gentleman below is by Lastmanouthere. (Who signed it using his alternative pen name.)  SIGH!  A bit of nostalgia, something old and something new to ring in our tenth year going about this fun hobby.  Can't think of a yummier image, then big, blond and dressed in blue by dear sweet Lastmanouthere, to really start us salivating for more. :)  Gosh 10 years. I was just out of my 20s then...

Now this handsome character named Quetyn, is a bit of a conflicted sorcerer.  According to Lastman, he refuses to use his magical powers to help benefit those in his native land.  He now lives in a continent that lies far away from where he grew up.  I can only imagine they would have used it for sinister gains.  Then again, maybe he is just selfish.  We will have to wait to hear his full story in the future.  He is the 10th of the 11 characters in Lastmanoutheres stable of D&D style studs.  The final member I will post soon.  For now though enjoy lastmanouthers all too genius costume designs that reveal every desired, juicy, part of this tanned dreamboat. Oh child, you will catch cold in that skimpy outfit.  Don't worry your prince will hold you close and warm. (Yeah I wish!)

I thank those of you that still frequent this blog, despite how dead it became midway through the year. As I said,  I really do hope that as stability returns to my life, I can do more and more posts like this.  At least I can now post what I had from last year in a timely manner.  As long as my old PC doesn't die, that should be in the coming days.

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