Sunday, June 12, 2016

Vann And Voider Vs The Dick Dragon

First off guys, my prayers go out to the residents of Orlando today.  I know more than a few people from there, including our own Guytoonist.  There was a lot of frantic facebook searching this morning, to make sure friends were safe and sound.  To every there, I wish you courage and strength.  Never back down to hate and ignorance.

Below we have the very epic birthday gift that FallenAngel created for our dear friend Aneros. (Along with some variations of course.)  You see,  Fallen and I wanted to give the character Voider Knight a little bit of the Frazetta style fantasy in celebration of  this special day!  We are very enchanted with Voider Knight.  Created as a one off, we both see a lot of potential in him.  He's very mysterious.  Who is he? Where did he come from?  Aneros has seen potential in him as well, thanks to our many pieces featuring him.  He says he may just give him a few touch up in some new pieces! That will be very exciting when it comes to pass.
For now though, please enjoy our image.  We had a ton of fun coming up with designs for the Dragon. I knew from the start I wanted his mouth to be the piss slit.  A little extra bit of horror.  Fallen and I went over a couple different horn ideas.  The rest just fell into place. The legs were a bit of challenge though.  My concept made him look a bit too lumbering.  Fallen came up with the far more agile looking legs below.  The balls became super huge knees. XD

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