Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ikniuhxochitl Blows Popocatepetl. What A Mouthful!

Sorry for the delay between posts. I have the flu and there were MASSIVE layoffs where I work.  Whole departments are gone. It's not been a good week.  I'm still recovering, but I really am dying to post some stuff for you guys, so fuck it, here goes!!! LOL.  I hope you enjoy them!
Today is Aneros's birthday, so if you happen onto one his pages, or sites, be sure to wish him all the best!
So of course, I am going to post art work drawn by him on this special day. (Yeah I have a little birthday surprise for him planned too. SHHHH!! Don't tell!)

This was a magnificent birthday gift for Lastmanouthere.  We decided to pair the most laid back of Lastmans Mesoamerican men, with  his most Thunderous hero.  That Chitl, being all thoughtless decided to chill in the wrong spot one day.   The spot being the mountain where Popocatepetl is sleeping.  Chitl starts humming a song and as he get's into it, unbeknownst to him, it gets louder.  The song rocks the cave and wakens Popocatepetl from his slumber. Not because of how beautiful it is coming from Chitls mouth, but because the song is in an ancient tongue.  The Mayan children sing this song, thinking it is utter nonsense.  Learn your history and know what you are saying, I guess in the lesson here.  Waking a legendary hero before his time could prove very dangerous.  For Chitl, well, it looks like the usually straight Popo, is massively horny after such a long slumber.  He finds the harmless and hung young man to be very fetching.  Chitl of course is over come with admiration and fear.  He gladly gets down on his knees and services the warrior.  What a treat it was when the warrior let loose wave after wave of well aged, centuries old cum into his welcoming mouth.  The orgasm overwhelms the warrior and he soon finds himself unable to stand, as he drifts back into his enchanted slumber....

Fuck, all I can say about this piece is:

Wild fucking work by Aneros!!! He truly makes the past we would all desire to visit, does he not? XD

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