Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Terrik the Paladin Grows Up

Hello everyone,  Got something to end the month of July with a bang.  We have a new design for Terrik the Paladin by Lastmanouthere! (Originally named Terrick, the C has been dropped.)

Here is another image of Terrik, to show his evolution from teen to masculine adult.  Back in 2010 he was a working his way into knighthood.  (He even made it to Captain of the Guard at the age of 19.)  Lastmantouthere had him going on adventures with three other hunks. They were  Leomond, Millar and Leelh.
He has taken a career change since then. He now goes by Terrik the Paladin.  While doing so, he went through a few physical changes. Besides the change of cute costume and the proper grooming, he found himself getting a lot more sun. :P He also received a circumcision as part of his ceremony into the Paladin ranks.

He transgressed his divine vows by becoming the Prince Tetyn’s lover, and was sent to exile, only to be called back by Tetyn’s father, the king, to help save the young prince from a foul curse. Lastman will have to fill us in on that at a later date though. Terrik shares a world along side Pretus the barbarian, Vann the fighter, and Melin the ranger and Milne the Druid.

Oh someone was a rough little teen, wasn't he?  
(Dig his dishevelled doo and the big bare feets!) 

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