Saturday, January 20, 2018

I want to Squeeze Your Muscles Hercules

Hey Guys!

Happy New Year to one and all. The few that still come here...Yeah I haven't really been able to keep the site going as strong as I used to.  Tumblr often draws me to it far too much and well, truth be told, the Canadian dollar is just so very weak now. It is hard to really set aside the funds needed  and be able to do a lot of works with talented people.  I will try  harder though this year.  I no longer have the cost of the Switch plus one million Amiibos to worry about.   So hopefully I can do a lot more in the coming months.
Todays image was drawn last year by Sirio and coloured by Caravaggia.  It came to be, as after Urbanmusiq did Hercules, a lot of people wanted to see Aladdin paired with him.  So to those people I dedicate this works inspiration. :)  Aladdin checking out all Hercs muscles was a fun idea I thought, and I hope you do too!  Of course it all really came to be, due to the efforts of two wonderful artists and dear friends.  I just planted the seed.  (thought and money..ha.)

I was going to post this online on January 1st, but something very tragic happened.  A relative of mine was caught in a fire and received 3rd degree burns all over their arms and face.  They have temporarily lost the use of one of their hands and would have lost it completely if they had not had the foresight to place it immediately into cold water. The person is gay and their parents do not care about them much at all.  So it has been up to other members of the family to come to their aid.  The recovery is going well, but we are still not sure how well the hand will heal.  There will probably always be damage to it. I wanted to do a gofundme to help support them, but their pride would not allow it.

On top of that my mothers oldest friend wound up having a stroke on Dec 31st, though we didn't hear about it till we contacted the hospital about 5 days later. Why is that? Well despite her best efforts none of the womans sons would contact us back.  They used their mother a lot, though she was blind to it.  She was poor, but they knew how to get free meals and babysitting out of her.  In her hour of need they are no where to be found and have taken no steps to even contact her sister, who my mother had to inform about the stroke!  Can you believe it?
I know someone that works at the hospital and they have been taking extra care of her, calling us every day.  We found out that for many weeks she has had no visitors at all, outside of my mom.  I find it very sad that, during the supposed holiday season, so many family members were abandoning others.  This is Canada, where we have a family day, but it seems to mean so little to so many people that live here.  I had to get that off my chest, sorry that it is not porn related.

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  1. Wow! The drawing is very hot! While Aladdin checs Herc's muscles, I would be glad to check Aladdin's muscles... and his hot cock!




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