Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kicking In The Year Of The Horse, Centaur Style

2013 was a horrible beast of a year for me.  Despite all the wonderful online stuff I shared here, the year was filled with trouble and tragedy in my personal life. Even in it's last moments 2013 managed to take what it could from me  Despite heart break and devastation, we must move forward, embracing the future.  So here is to the year of the horse, 2014.  May it bring you all luck, love and good health.    The whimsical art was provided by FallenAngel, based on my New Years concept.  I hope guys like it.  Peace.

1 comment:

  1. hey it's vic from y gallery sorry for all the bad things that happen last years I hope that this year brings you joy happiness and tons of beautiful stuff sorry I haven't been online or active on y, ever since I got internet access to my ps3. I been spending most of my time there also my hotmail/outlook got hack so I close that account and lost all my pic stuff anyway enough about that. I wish only the best for you and you can hit me up in y gallery or if you have internet for ps3 I'm there for you. hugs and kisses



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