Monday, January 20, 2014

Barbarian VS Viking: Vann Illia and Volgarr By Voider Aneros

Looks like Vann Illia and Volgarr the Viking have gotten themselves into a bit of a competition, that lasted all the day till the setting of the sun.   For once it looks like Vann has come out on top. This might be the first thing he wins outright, unless Volgarr uses his magic on him for some carnal purpose! 

This gorgeous image was a very thoughtful Christmas gift from my dear friend Aneros. (aka Voider.)  He remembered how gaga I had gone for the video game Volgarr the Viking on Steam and so chose him as a rival for Vann.  Both men are rock hard all over, except for their soft and sweet faces. :)  It's nice to see Volgarr calm and collected for once.  I guess focusing on ones gigantic cock will do that!  I asked Aneros if the similarities in both mens hair was an attempt to show that they may have a similar ancestry.  He has remained silent on that so far. :P   I gotta mention the background.  I love the mood the background gives, of a day just before summer.  A cool, dark night rapidly replacing a unseasonably warm day.  It's really beautiful.  Something that we are all looking forward to, during the dark cold days of January.

1 comment:

  1. Whether Vann wins or not, I've got a feeling they'll both enjoy the results!

    Nicely done, Aneros, and thanks for sharing this, DP!



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