Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween 2021

Hello everyone! While you are dealing with setting up for little demons coming to your door, I have been fighitng my own personal paranormal entity off. My PC has finall gotten to the point where simply typing a few sentances takes a few hours. Main reason I don't post, is this lousy thing. It is like a beiing possed. 45 mins to download a single image from my email. Refusing to reconize the keyboard, or mouse. This thing just wants to make my day hell. Anyway, at least I have a lot of nice art to share with you all. I just hope this doesn't look too terrible. I am done fighting and you will have to excuse the ugly spacing and issues I am sure this post will have.
First up we have Aneros art with the Jack O Lantern king. 100 years ago Halloween incorporated a lot more fortune telling aspects. The Jack-O-Lantern king was said to sit on a looking glass throne. He would accept you into his court, where on this night you could ask him about your future relationship. The only relationship our version is going to tell you about, is the one where he rams you till the sun comes up. So just beware, or don't of our imposter! He will feed you with his pumpkin seed.
Next we have Caravaggia with HORNY ARE THE DAMNED! Based on the blassica Simpsons episode, we have a Halloween BBQ party being interupted by some unwanted guests. Guys just can't fuck and gorge in peace on this hectic Holiday. The party goers are Mr. Crow, Mr. Scarecrow, Jasper and JD!
Now we have some amazing new art of Gerrod the Wizard, who had new life breathed into him in August of this year by Lastmanouthere, his creator. His new cape and wild powers are on full display for us to enjoy. And enjoy I did... The image so inspired me, that I immediadtly drew out plans for the next image that I aked FallenAngel to draw!
GARROD Vs The Pumpkin Possessor! Jasper has fallen prey to the Possessor! It will take all of Gerrods skill to push back this Jack-O-Lanter demon and save our little ghost. The Possessor lures a young man each year, with pomises of power and revenge. Sadly for the person, the pumpkin acomplishes this by replaceing their head with their own and husing the head as necklace. Foreced to watch as it reigns terror on your loved ones until it exhausts itself, or is defeated. The defeat is only temperary, as it resurfaces next Halloween only to being the suffering all over again.
I was watching the old Yokai Monsters trilogy from the late 60s on Youtube earlier this month. I got a lot of inspiration from these wonderful film. The one we put to pater is the Rokubi Man that FallenAngel has drawn up. Ah Belvadar, he took advice on where to find the friendliest Trick, or Treating places around the world from Jasper. Jaspers idea of friendly was more in tune with tircks, than treats. Though for Rokubi, Bel will make a sweet treat to savor all night long.
On a slightly sweeter note, we Have Tonia enjoying a magicanl Halloween time, that only FallenAngel could come up with. He's going to be nice and safe with his ghostly entourage.
Byron on the other hand, might not make it out of the Graveyare without a super sore ass anyway. Sirio cooked up some harryhausen skeletons to make sure he has fightful Halloween night. Bone dildos covered in dirt and the funk of forty thousand years isn't something Byron wants tonight!
Speaking of Bone Didlos, the Bigfeet of Patrick Fillion have discovered how to make and use tools recently. This comes much to the chagrin of Zahn the Son of Winter. Returning back to Canada to enjoy Halloween, our poor boy got lost in the woods and found by the wrong search party. Not sure how Zahn was so easly captured, but he is in for a night of deep exploration by Sasquatch hunks. Better brace yourself Zahn till your friends come to save you. If they can....Art by Aneros for Patrick Fillions birthday this year.
Finally I have something personal to share. For decades I searched just for an image of this bag. When I was a kid, till I was about 7, 8 each year we used Food City shopping bags to trick, or treat. Sadly the chain vanished in the mid 80s, along with the bags. I finally found not only an image of one, but was able to buy the bag itself. Canadian kids from the 70s and 80s might get a kick out of this. Happy Halloween everyone. Keep safe and have fun.

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