Friday, October 30, 2020

Happy Halloween 2020

 For most people this year, celebrating Halloween traditionally is going to be a battle.  For some reason, wearing gloves and a mask is now deemed unsafe by many governments.  Can they make up their minds? Maybe it’s time we fought for our personal freedoms and traditions a little harder, before things get even worse.  Well, there is one tradition that I can keep alive with some help.  That’s posting some wonderful Halloween art for you all to enjoy.  I am going post 5 pieces from FallenAngel today.  We hope it inspires you to get into the spirit of the holiday!  Class Comics also managed released a new Halloween anthology comic as well.  It is super hot, with brand new characters and lots of returning cameos.  I hope you remember to take a look at it and check out all you favourite artists to see what they are up to this 31st of October.  


I thought I would share with you all some the holiday festivities at my place. I have been cooking up some delights!  Whipped up some dinosaur eggs.  Chop off my neighbors foot and made a stunning meatloaf. ( Well they told us to avoid going to stores and malls. I had to get the meat somewhere. Don't blame me!)   Then we have an array of games and desserts for anyone that survives the main course!  Cruel Cupcakes, Molasses Kisses and Bat Brownies are sure to ignite the fires of hell in your tummy.  As bad as my cooking is,the real horror for me has been trying to get  blogger to work on an ipad and a ten year old PC.  Two hours to do a blog

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